Observations of Driving in the Snow in the South

Being that is doesn’t snow in the Carolinas very often, snow driving here in the Fort Mill / Charlotte area is a phenomenon best described as a mashup of very hesitant drivers, extra crazy drivers who assume 4 wheel drive means you have acquired a license to drive like an idiot, and super extra crazy drivers without 4 wheel or even FRONT wheel drive, who just have a death wish. Add in the northern transplants who know everything about how to drive in inclement weather and poke much fun at their southern counterparts, leaving the house with a couple of inches of accumulation on the streets is always an adventure.

Observations you can always expect, in no particular order:

  1. The car that passed you like a bat out of hell a mile ago is now in the ditch.
  2. The hill that looks way too steep to get up usually is.
  3. Those antilock brakes were one of the greatest inventions ever.
  4. Fast acceleration on a curve is a bad time in the snow, unless drift racing is your thing.
  5. Why is the 1986 Bonneville the fastest moving vehicle on the road in a snowstorm?
  6. People come together in very fine fashion when using ropes and chains to get a stranger out of the ditch.
  7. People with Jeeps and a winch spend time trolling for other people in the ditch like its a sport. (Kudos to the Jeep folk.)
  8. People who stepped up for the 4 wheel drive option in an area that gets snow once every other year applaud loudly, and go to the store to stand in line with the other 4 wheelers to clean out the bread / milk / egg aisles.
  9. Yankees curse Southerners at their driving ineptitude on social media.
  10. Southerners tell their friends they think the Yankees should go back home if they have a problem here in the south at their Bunko games, even though most of their neighbors are playing with them are from Connecticut and Long Island.

In short, I had one brief thought while driving down a road today with very little salt due to lack of snow equipment, nearly zero potholes and just enough country to feel like I was disconnected from the city life. I suddenly felt very content and very proud of being a transplanted Southerner while driving 22 miles per hour on a snowy road with 4 wheelers, Bonnevilles and crazy Yankees blowing by me at every pass. It was ok to get there a few minutes later as long as I was safe, in one piece and enjoyed the ride.

Enjoy the ride, It may end quicker than you expect.


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