Great information on Check Engine Lights.

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What it Means When Your Check Engine Light Turns On

It is not uncommon for a driver’s check engine light to illuminate. Just because this happens, there is no reason for immediate panic as it may be just a minor issue. This is something you can address with your local auto repair mechanic.

It is important to note that cars made after 1996 are designed with a diagnostic system that runs random checks on a number of components within the vehicle. When a problem is detected, the check engine light is illuminated on the driver’s control panel.

The first thing anyone in this situation should do is check the fuel cap. When the cap on your fuel tank is not completely tightened, it could activate your check engine light. Give it a couple of extra clicks to make sure it is thoroughly tightened.

Detecting the source that activates your check engine light is no easy task. Some cars have as many as 1,000 codes that could prompt that light going on. The best advice for any driver is to seek out the help of a professional. Some states will even fail a car’s inspection if the check engine light is activated. Meanwhile, it may be a warning sign that something is amiss, so taking care of it right away is a prudent move.

The reason behind the light going on could be a bad ignition coil, damaged spark plug, failing catalytic converter, faulty vacuum hose, or a malfunctioning air flow sensor which has to do with your car’s exhaust system. That last one would not keep your car from starting but it would affect your fuel efficiency.

An auto repair shop can easily run a diagnostic check of your system to pinpoint the problem. Speculating on what the problem may be, without any car mechanic training, could just lead to frustration and unnecessary worry about hypothetical scenarios.

The good news is that the check engine lights does not usually serve as a warning sign for something disastrous. Now, if the oil light comes on, it provides much more reason to worry. Some check engine lights have to be reset as well. The bottom line is that it is a complex system unable to be fully understood without the proper diagnostics.

If your check engine light comes on, put your mind at ease by visiting the best auto repair Fort Mill and Charlotte have to offer. The professionals at Car Guyz can run a complete check and figure out the issue affecting your vehicle and fix it at an affordable price.


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