10 Best Used Cars With a 4-Digit Price Tag

Love me some Clark Howard!!

And we always inventory a few of these!!
I’m asked continually, “Can I buy a really reliable car for under $10,000?” Consumer Reports says you can. They’ve run a new list of 10 great used cars that will run you 4 digits instead of 5 — and they’re even safe for teenage drivers!
A friend texted me last night asking about his niece who was about to start driving. His sister, the niece’s mom, was freaking out, thinking they would have to spend $35,000 to get a safe vehicle for their teen driver. Not true, I said. Now I have the list to prove it.
Now, these vehicles are not ones that will make a teen’s heart race with excitement. But you don’t want racing any way!


Check out these 10 cheap and reliable used cars
Chevrolet Malibu (2009-2012, 4-cyl.) – Starting at $8,125
Ford Focus (2009-2011) – Starting at $6,050
Ford Fusion (2010-2012, 4-cyl. and hybrid) – Starting at $8,075
Hyundai Sonata (2006-2014, 4-cyl., nonturbo) – Starting at $5,225
Kia Soul (2010-2011) – Starting at $8,650
Mazda3 i (2011-2013) – Starting at $9,825
Mazda6 i (2009-2013, 4-cyl.) – Starting at $8,375
Toyota RAV4 (2004-2012, 4-cyl.) – Starting at $7,300
Volkswagen Jetta (2009-2010, 4-cyl.) – Starting at $7,250
Volkswagen Rabbit/Golf (2009-2014) – Starting at $7,700
Today’s cars are better at limiting injury or fatality when in an accident. That’s due in large part to electronic stability control (ESC). Do not buy a car for a kid if it does not have ESC on it. Remember that one rule and you’ll keep your kids safe as they learn to drive.
The other thing to remember with teen drivers? No radio or phone use when you’re behind the wheel!


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