Why do we exist? (Who needs another car dealer anyway?!!!)

Lets be honest… there are hundreds, thousands of car dealers out there. All of them soliciting the newer, better, faster vehicle. So, why do we do what we do in an ever-growing business? In this “economy”?!!!

Answer: Because we love doing what we do!

We are “car” people! But. . . , because being a “car” person can be a bad thing in most circles, (We all have childhood memories of the “bad” man in the “bad” suit, wheeling and dealing with Mom and Dad.) our sole purpose is to go the extra mile (or 20) to deliver a great car at a price that no other dealer can compete with, while providing the auto buying experience that completely removes the anxiety associated with the buying experience.

Question: “How can I get THAT car for THAT price!?”
Answer: “Most dealerships buy cars they think they can sell. If the think they can sell a particular Make or Model, they will purchase that vehicle at all costs, usually for a premium price. We, on the other hand, shop for a DEAL. In the same method that the “bargain” retailers shop for inventory that is priced at huge discounts, our team of professionals search daily, high and low for inventory that is a value in the marketplace, and commit to bringing that vehicle to our lot, regardless of how we esteem it, because, let’s face it… It doesn’t matter if it fits our needs, It matters if it meets yours! BMC strives to own and offer vehicles for hundreds, even thousands less than our competitors! And, we pass those savings on to you!

Question: I dread the car buying experience! What makes you different?
Answer: We believe a solid vehicle at a fair price sells itself! Our inventory, marketed on the lot, on the web, and through referrals, speaks louder than any salesman can. We have an extremely low overhead business model, removing a lot of the sales tools successfully used by others, but always striving to pass the savings on to you, while exceeding your expectations through the process. A true WIN/WIN transaction!

Brian D Bernard

Owner / Bernard Motorcar Company Inc.

“We didn’t re-invent the wheels. . . we just made driving them easier!”


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  1. Jane Alford says:

    Please contact me regarding a story in Indian Land’s newspaper, Carolina Gateway.

    (803) 487-4255 or cgnews@thelancasterews.com


    Jane Alford

    1. Thanks for the article, Jane. Call me @ 704.622.4309 or stop by anytime.

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